We all have a Voice

The video today is such an inspiration about a little girl without a physical voice yet she spoke and made an impact with those who came in contact with her. Whatever our weaknesses, real or perceived in-capabilities, we can still affect our world positively but we need to rise above the┬ánegativity and live your life […]

Hell to Heaven

Life changing experience can come through faith in God. A simple act of believing is all it takes to bring a transformation beyond our physical capabilities. Watch the video of a young man whose story change because of a love experienced. You can also decide to come to Jesus for a life changing experience. Be […]


Replenishing Miracles

  Browsing through the bible, you come across a few extraordinary occurrences that defy the laws of nature and human logic. The widow of Zarephath had her oil replenished miraculously and her bowl of flour keep giving,when she took the last she had to feed the Prophet Elijah. Another widow followed the instructions of the […]

Morning sunset

Welcome to Change!

Life is dynamic and unpredictable sometimes. You can set the best of goals and have plans in place to actualize them however things they always seem to work out the way we planned. ┬áDon’t you just get that feeling something greater is at work shifting things in place beyond our control. This platform will be […]