Richie Parker – No limbs yet No Limits

I was truly inspired by the story of Richie Parker, this a man whose parents instilled in him a sense of great worth from a young age despite having no arms. He has a great job, drives his car and inspire many that you only impose limits you allow on yourself. Watch and be inspired […]

John Harper – True Titanic Hero

John Harper was not even mentioned in the fictional movie Titanic, he is certainly not a Jack or romantic but he surely was a hero whose conviction of his Christian faith made him care less for his safety but cared about others especially saving their souls before their last breathe the only way he knew […]

It could have been worse

This post is about a simple story from ShareIT Ministries. Things may not go as planned or not go well at all however know this, it could have been worse and things can only get better. Let this inspire you with hope.

Broken Beautiful

In the midst of the brokenness of life, breathe, be still and see the beautiful. Lovely song by Chloe Reynolds is quite encouraging. Heard her sing and it was quite an experience that inspires you to leave the hurt behind and move on. Be inspired! Daniel


Hello..   Saw this piece below at and it got me thinking. Please do have a read and be opened to be inspired. Let me show you a real simple way to evaluate the claims Jesus made about himself. Chiefly, and most preposterously, he claimed to be God. (Write “Jesus is God” at the […]